Here at ROCARD LTD we are committed to design and fabrication. A company built on an overwhelming desire to create beautifully functional items on a production or bespoke basis.

We are thinkers and innovators, highly skilled and experienced in the use of many materials and work processes including but not limited to metals, composites, timber, electronics, mechanics, computer aided design 3D printing and ergonomics. We will not re-invent the wheel. When presented with a design brief we go to great lengths to research all available technologies to embrace and improve upon them enabling us to focus on what is unique about the project in hand.

We specialise in the design of products and machines which from the outset are intended to be manufactured in quantity rather than one off. This often involves the proving of concept, process testing for longevity and expected component life and manufacture of pre-production prototypes for real world testing and market appraisal. We can then produce drawings and models for production tendering and factory appraisal.

Take a look through the website, get familiar with the varied range of disciplines we cover and products we supply. If you have any queries or wish to discuss a project please do get in contact.

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